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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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out of air, out of time, and underground. an update to breaking news we now know is deadly. >> three people found 20 feet down in a storage facility, the two survivors now at deer valley hospital. >> navideh forghani is live there, and time was not on their side. >> reporter: right, the oxygen levels were so low down there, the firefighters tell me that
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there for about four minute, so it's a miracle that two out of the three people trapped down in the storage unit are still alive. >> i heard the helicopter. >> reporter: robin had no idea the chopper circling above was there to rescue a good friend until she got a car saying first responders surrounded the home. >> i tried to call him, nobody answered, tried to text him, didn't get anything, and came out here to this. >> reporter: phoenix r mcso were called to this home after three people were found unconscious in the under ground storage unit. one man fell almost 20 feet under. >> a great person. very great man. >> reporter: this is what the entrance to the under ground unit looked like with a ladder leading down the pipe. firefighters say the storage unit had grains and wheat inside, and the man was trying to drain the water inside from last week's rain. the moisture combined with the
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to drop to just 4 percent only halfway down. family and friends say it was a freak accident that took the life of an amazing person. >> you think of the greatest person you've known. >> he's as close to jesus as you could get. >> we want to update you on more breaking news out of tennessee. three girls hurt after from a ferris wheel at the county fair, it's estimated they fell 45 feet when the basket dumped them out. the girls were awake and talking after it happened. crews from three cities swarming a hazmat scene in chandler tonight. it started as a dumpster fire. >> but it turned into three
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-- firefighters taken to the hospital. >> will the firefighters be okay? >> reporter: the last of the firefighters pulled out in the last 15 minutes or so, a chief tells employee that of the three firefighters taken to the -- me that of the three firefighters taken to the hospital, it was mostly out of precaution for the firefighters. the scene is a metal cleaning company, and as far as what happened here was too chemicals everyoned up in the dump -- ended up in the dumpster together, they caused a fire. firefighters did what they do to most dumpster fires when they got here, put water on it, but something was different and dangerous this time. >> normally when you put water on fire or something on fire you have a certain color of smoke, and when it starts to generate a brownish yellow color of smoke it's an indication that something isn't going correctly. >> reporter: and that's what
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three -- decontaminated here, and three of them taken to the hospital as a precaution. of. several significant power outages in tempe fixed pretty quickly tonight, but we're waiting on srp to tell us what caused them. thousands in the area affected, the outage lasting about two hours. his job is to empower and motivate children. not this. a youtpa own church after police found video on his phone of a 14-year- old girl changing in a valley department store. the teen's mother was the one to confront the 31st at the store in buckeye and ripped the phone right out of his hand. >> and asked him were you just recording or taking a picture of my daughter in the fitting room? and i pressed play and i seen that it was my daughter naked, naked with her underwear on from his waist down.
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in this, and we also want to extend a lot of grace, and show the love of jesus the best that we know how. >> santos told the judge he's never done anything like this before, and asked if he could go home. the answer was no. and new surveillance pictures may be the clue cops need to find the thief that killed a 7-11 clerk laster night. he -- last night. he went into the store, demanded money, to the back room and shot one of them. no masks for these two accused criminals, and their pictures very clear tonight. mcso says they stole money from the four sons store in fountain hills back on the 22nd, and we have a picture of the get away car, the silver vw suv. tonight a safely alert from a valley woman that says part of her house is ruined thanks to a fire hazard they never thought twice about.
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you'll only see on abc 15, and she's talking about something a lot of us have, an ipad charges. >> reporter: yes, here's the problem, frayed cords. i found these two in our news room, and i have one plugged in at my house right now. what's the worst that will happen? my stuff won't charge? this woman is here to tell you the worst is your house catches fire. >> it's sticky, like ll it. >> reporter: soot stained walls, hardwood floors look like the base of a fire pit, and the smell. >> it's even in the toilet paper. >> reporter: her newly redecorated living room. she got home from an errand, and her partner at the door broke the news. >> i was shaken. >> reporter: he dumped buckets of water on the flames. >> >. if he didn't come home when he did the dogs would have
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died. >> reporter: her eyes went straight to the couch. her tablet. >> you could see on the cord where it burnt down. >> reporter: the charger she plugged in before leaving, the frayed one fixed with electrical tape. >> it's a horrible and terrible thing to go through. >> reporter: she's been through two house fire, and after the first years ago she never thought something so small, so basic could put her in this spot again. so she's december pat to make sure -- desperate to make sure no one else is burned by the same thing. >> if you have a problem with your cord, throw it away. >> reporter: she blames the company, and she's not alone. more than a thousand reviews give the charging cords a one- star rating, and cite similar problems with quickly worn cords. now back to you.
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it's not just monsoon moisture we're tracking this week, but also tropical moisture. the tropical storm down near the baja peninsula, and we'll start to pull in the moisture into tomorrow evening. a flash flood watch issued by the national weather service. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow until 11:00 p.m. wednesday for every spot in the green, including right here in the valley. we'll talk rain chances and how much we could get coming up in just minutes. >. a family torn apart tonight, trying to understand how something so tragic could mcso confirming a 16-year-old boy killed his 3-year-old brother. the child's grandfather in complete disbelief tonight. >> part of me is missing. part of his mother is missing. everybody, even the other siblings. it's a tragic thing that unfortunately we're involved in. >> that and-year-old now waiting to -- 16-year-old now waiting to find out if he'll be charged as an adult. it was supposed to be his
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the university of arizona football team and his last chance for a championship, but he's not getting that opportunity. as soon as tomorrow we could know more from the medical examiner after zach died in his sleep. the news hitting his high school coach hard, who watched zach grow into an all state player here at chandler high. >> it brings everything in perspective that it's not all football, and you could lose your life that quick, so i'm going to use it as motivation to make sure kids. >> the coach doesn't know how they'll honor him, but they will do something to remember zach. his freedom didn't last long, and now we know why. just in, a statement from the pinal county attorney's office about coast going back to jail. a lot of legal jargon, but essentially the maricopa county attorney appealed the case up to the state supreme court, which cited against coast. his accusers paint him as a serial rapist, but he claims it
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girls on facebook. the his trial is slated to begin to february. after a 12-year-old dies on a valley hiking trail, family and friends are pushing for a law to ban kids from the trails in extreme heat. the 12-year-old died last month while hiking in the north valley. family friends say cody's dad never approved the hike, and cody was with his mom's boyfriend. >> i just, my heart just for them because i have a son who's 10 as well. >> the cause of death is still pending. phoenix police are investigating this. tonight 40 foster kids removed from several east valley group homes as part of an on going investigation into power house youth facility. these are pictures from their website. they reported a case of child on child sex abuse they said about a month ago, and increased safety procedures after that, but now all the kids are gone. >> the way they handled this
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again have made a rush to judgment, and it caused more trauma to the kids that were being taken care of. >> dcs says the kids are now that what they call -- now in what they call an appropriate placement. and a 2-year-old boy has died after being pulled from a pool sunday night at a party. the case is still under review, and some say it's already a record year for growing calls. -- drowning calls. a sigh of relief after an arrest was made in this intense smoke shop robbery back in june. kevin bright, the one behind bars is on the right in the picture, he was tracked down in colorado -- california, but police are still looking for 36- year-old carr. a big thank you from the
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say they've gotten so much support over the last few weeks, and they wanted to show their appreciation. several billboards are going up around town, and they're also sharing their thanks on social media. >> it's crazy. absolutely crazy. what's the craziest things something could find in a wal- mart parking lot? just wait until you see what police found underground. does she deserve it? the possible big change bemind
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and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. an explosive scene in one of the most unexpected places. police in new york uncovering a meth lab beneath a really busy spot. >> it's absolutely crazy. who would think there would be a meth lab in the wal-mart parking lot? >> investigators still working to answer a lot of questions, specifically who's behind it. a kansas water park closed through tomorrow while investigators try to figure out
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death. caleb schwab died on the world's tallest water falls that drops riders 169 feet at 65 miles per hour. >. an update on one of our state's most known killer. jodie arias won't get visitors after calling a guard name. she also has a roommate in prison. he escaped prison one, and some think he'll do it again, but apparently el chapo's time in prison is stressing him out. apparently it's stressing him out so much he's going bald. new video from southern arizona with one police department is making history in
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drones to fight crime. the department expects to save thousands of dollars by opting for this approach over helicopters. new teaches reuniting with friends, recess, all things 4th graders look forward to as school starts up again, but 10- year-old jesse wilson isn't with his class mates right now. police don't know where he is. the buckeye boy hasn't been seen in weeks. a yellow desk still sits outside his school, a sign that jesse wilson is still missing. >> yeah, the kids, but it was fun, really fun, and i wish he was here. >> you still have the kids and everybody is still wearing the bows, you know to represent, you know, but there's a lot of talk still. a lot of kids are missing him. >> buckeye police say they still consider him a run away, but are activity searching for him. new details on that delta debacle. more than 700 flights canceled,
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in tokyo a thousands passengers passengers stranded overnight. all of this due to lingering effects of a power outage affecting their operation, and the ceo posting an apology message online tonight reminding customers to rebook at no cost on thawiest, and they're -- their website, and they're offering compensation to some people, but all of that is not enou. and call it a day. our vacation is ruined. never flying delta again ever. >> not everybody so upset as she was. some saying they got free pizza and beer, and to reschedule your flight at no cost you have to fly by this friday. and three months from now we'll likely know who our next president is, but in the meantime a lot of mud slinging.
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advisors is just like him, quote looking for ways the wealthy can avoid paying their fair share, and trump is suggesting clinton's e-mails are responsible for the death of an iranian nuclear scientist which was executed for spying for the united states. the e-mail scandal part of a new lawsuit against hillary clinton. the family of two killed in benghazi say her quote reckless handling of the information led to former diamondbacks player curt shilling saying he could run for president next time. rising from the ashes after a thanksgiving fire tore down almost all of the property, buffalo chip saloon is well on the way to rebuilding, and the owners are holding a fundraiser next month, but instead of cash
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relics or for you to buy a place on the wall so they can buy western memorabilia. the fire is believed to be arson, but no arrests. >> >. tens of thousands of people rushing to fill out applications to get into affordable housing today. it's called section a, and in in phoenix the wait list is open again for the first time in 11 years. it was shut down in 2005 because of too many applications. it can be a lifesaver for people working pay check to pay check. >> >. yes, thank god. it means a lot for a lot of people, especially people with children. >> it's very difficult living on disability because it's a slight income once a month. >> you have to apply on line. 10,000 names will be randomly picked in a lottery. and a health alert on a beauty product. botox is designed to remove
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paralyzing muscles in your face, but it might not always be temporary, and the chemicals can cause long term paralysis, but a fix is in the works to solve the problem. it's always a scramble to get the kids ready for school and college, and we're revealing the items you probably don't need or ones that won't last. >> we start with college students. these a printer, most colleges provide cheap printing. expensive bed sheets. they'll be rarely changed and expect food stains on them in maybe about a week or so. and an iron, it's only used to cook grilled cheese sandwiches. >> and for younger kids, cheap basket, no name pencils and crayon, and a tablet in place
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a lap top does everything a tablet will do and it's easier. it's part of routine for many of us, you're on the way to work rushing, pick up coffee or food, and you do it while driving, but that might not be allowed much longer, at least in new jersey. they're banning activity on the roads not related to driving. it's a way to deter distracted driving, but a simple sip of your morning latte could cost you a $200 fine if it it's passed. tr today 110 degrees, marking the 28th day so far this year at 110 or hotter. we're just 4th of july days away -- five days away from the all-time record, and tied for third place for the most 110 plus days in a year, but relief is on the way. we have a big cool down. a lot more moisture, and storm
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all right, now to the most accurate forecast, and live look at abc 15 desert doppler. we're in the clear here in the valley tonight. but we are tracking storms down near the us mexico border. a lot of lightning from these, and earlier before the sunset we could see the thunder heads building, even from here
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moisture coming spool southeast arizona rights now. the -- into southeast arizona right now. the west of the state pretty dry. that's the drown here on the color scheme, but the moisture is abundant, and more is coming in over the next 24 to 48 hours as we deal with tropical storm javier near the baja peninsula, so it's monsoon moisture mixed with tropical moisture. winds at 58 miles per hour with this tropical storm. the latest forecast path from has it riding the west coast of the baja all the way up until it's a remnant low, but if it may recollects land fall it's going to -- makes land fall it's going to weaken, and send less moisture. regardless the threat is there. we'll have enough moisture in place to kick up showers and thunderstorms, so national weather service issued a flash flood watch for all the areas in the green, including the entire valley, and it's going
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tomorrow to 11:00 p.m. wednesday, so we're breaking down the rain fall forecast for you, we start with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday evening, and then the overnight forecast tuesday into wednesday up to 60 percent, and overnight wednesday into thursday it's a 50 percent chance of rain. so how much rain are we talking? at this point models are seriously all over the place. some have nothing, some more than an inch. this is one that's pretty must have right down the mi our futurecast model shows about a half inch of rain for fiorina, and the possibility of -- phoenix, and possibilities of isolated spots seeing over an inch, but we have to keep watching this because there's a lot of uncertainty over the amount of rain, but the commute tomorrow dry. 88 degrees in the morning. slight chance of rain in the afternoon. 99 out there now with a few breezes, and up to the north, temperatures in the 60s along
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51 in flagstaff, 63 in froth, and 88 -- prescott, and 88 at lake havasu. from the valley to the west it's about the triple digits, but that 103 in phoenix is cooler than today. still the 90s thursday, the average is 105. we get above it for the weekend though as we start to dry back out. well, many people have learned not to sleep on the arizona cardinals, but who would have thought major part os of training camp is the sleep of the -- parts of
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our cardinals camp coverage continues. >> reporter: here at university of phoenix stadium, in four days it will be rocking. the team fresh, as long as they
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time. that's right, during practice it's allowed for the team to take naps. there's a recovery room, fancy name for nap room built right into the training facility. here in tempe they can head across the street and catch some zs in the hotel. >> when i played? i don't know if we have slept. we didn't get a drink of water either, but no it's extremely sleep is the biggest healing factor, and we were want monitor them in the evening to see how much sleep they're getting but during the day we can provide them opportunities. a 30 minute nap is huge. we built the facilities just for that reason. >> reporter: that's all from glendale. >> cardinals football is back on abc 15, and the cards host
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>> we have coverage starts at 4 tim on abc 15, just four day as way. >> we need naps around here. >> oh, yeah [ laughter ] >> >. you'll find my curled up under the computers waiting for the next model run. all right, 103 tomorrow, 90s wednesday and thursday. we have a chance of rain increasing to 60 percent on wednesday. >> abc 15 mornings start at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade -- ozzy and jack osbourne -- "the baby bachelorette," the boys tell all -- and music from the strokes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, what'd you miss -- here's jimmy kim [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.